The „Lechquellengebiet“, a place of freedom and origin, a symbol for the alps: massive mountains, rich greens, clear waters and an ever changing sky. In between this idyllic scenery high based, pretty huts and little lakes. The diversity of species always present with the whistle of the marmots, the nosey gaze of the chamois and the majestic calmness of the capricorns.
A hearty welcome to the highline through the the so called Lechquellengebiet, which embraces the river Lech from all sides and takes the hiker on an exciting journey of discovery.

Highline in six days

For six days you leave the stress of your everyday life behind and follow the call of the mountains. With a maximum seelevel of 2,500 m the Lechquellenround is relatively low. This fact makes it possible to walk the tour from already early in the year until late Autumn and experience all the facettes of the different seasons.

Lightly packed and with good shoes you enter the alpine world crossing mountain tops and ridges. At the end of each day a friendly face awaits you to welcome you at the hut with hearty meals and a cosy place to sleep. Before leaving for the next tour in the morning you can be sure to receive useful tipps and the weatherforecast. Knowing how quickly the weather can change in the alps, advice from the staff at the hut is especially valuable for a successful day.

Signposts and markers lead you the way through the area of the Lechquellen mountain range. Other paths, that run through the landscape, keep crossing the main route and give you the option to shorten the highline and descend into the valley. All the huts lie close (up to 45 minutes) to a road, which makes a quick departure possible when necessary.

Regionality is priority

The “Lechquellenrunde” puts a lot of value into regionality:
whether up high in the huts, on the way or down low in the shops  in the valley – local products as far as the eye can see.
Enter the highline of the area of the Lech-sources and you feel the freedom of the mountains from day one.

The brochure of the DAV (German alpine club) also offers the possibility to learn more about the tour – download here